Hi, I’m Sayantan Biswas. A Pro Developer and Ethical Hacker.

Looking for Hacking and Programming tutorials ?
Here I have the solution for you . You will get here many tutorial based on your choice and step by step tutorials and you will also get Technical News, Technical updates and so far.

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Hi, I am a Student of class XII now in 2020, I am mostly Interested in Coding and Programming as I want to be a Developer in future . I live in India , West Bengal , Cooch Behar . My postal address is 736156. Being a Respected Person in our Family I do have to do many works , Earning money too. Thanks For reading about me.

My aim is to spread The Coding Knowledge everywhere and teach people about pro sides of Coding and to teach how to Enjoy with programming and hacking. I want Everyone to fill their needs as they want. I will provide every possible codes that I know or going to know in future . here I will also provide Advanced White Hat Hacking tutorials. So make sure to stay tuned with me.

Sayantan Biswas
Sayantan Biswas

I am a Student of class XII, As well as a Professional Developer and Ethical Hacker. If you want me to Hire or somthing about products , contact me On Instagram Below.

If You Want To Reach Your aim , Look Forward not Backward.

– Sayantan Biswas


Me, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Technical Sayan , Has No Solid Background . I am Only a boy of a Middle class Family. That’s It Nothing Greater than this.


Me, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Technical Sayan , Has No Lot Experience in Programming Yet. As I am Only Eighteen . But I have a Lot Experience in Python Programming and Ethical hacking.


I am the Owner of Technical Sayan , sayantan Biswas .

I am a web developer and working on being an android developer. As well as working as a game developer . I have created many machine learning models and working as a machine learning developer on my own.


My main motto is getting as much knowledge as I can . To fill this Interest I have learnt and learning thoroughly in many fields. I have learnt about Arduino programs , Ethical Hacking , Hardware Installation , Electronics Etc. And all this only in the age of 18 years.