8 Most important characteristics of a computer [ Best update ]

8 Most important characteristics of a computer [Best update]

Computer, there is not a single person who doesn’t hear the word “computer”. But not everyone knows all functionalities of computer and a fewer person knows the full form of computer. So I made this article to let you be aware of these things. So let’s get started.

What exactly is a computer?

Basically, Computer is a Nonsense Machine.

We almost everyone have a computer, right? So that means we completely know about computers, so.. Locigcaly it is true but not in reality. Well, we everyone use computers and it’s functionalities but we are not aware of them. Here comes the characteristics of a computer.

When you use a computer it uses all the functionalities and you realize that also but you didn’t even notice that what are those functionalities that the computer in front of you is using.

It can be a very shaming experience when someone says, “Hey you are a computer gig! then tell me one thing” and you are there like nothing to say… this should not be happening if you peruse this article thoroughly.

What are those characteristics of a computer?

There are many characteristics of a computer. But first, you need to know what language that the computer understands, that is Binary Language, a computer doesn’t understand any language except binary which is only 0 and 1.

The whole computer works on only zeros and ones, that’s strange, right? Well, it is. There are millions of transistors placed on the CPU of a computer. That works 10x faster or far faster than an ordinary calculator gives results.

So the first point comes on Speed.



A computer is known for its speed. When we buy a computer the first thing we see is the processor that is used on that computer or the laptop. And then we see the clock speed. So what is the clock speed represents?

Well, that clock speed represents that how much speed can a computer provide. You can see there can be written on the clock speed like 2.7 GHz to 3.0 GHz, so what it means?

It means the computer initially can run on 2.7 GigaHertz, and if you boost it then it can run on max 3.0 GigaHertz, it is as simple as that. But people make it complex.



A computer is a computer because of its accuracy. You usually heard that people can make mistakes but the computer doesn’t. This is absolutely right. Because a computer is such a machine that has no brain as a human. That’s why a computer cannot process lies. And a computer can give you accurate answers every time. In characteristics of a computer, accuracy matters very much.

So, to sum the speed and accuracy, a computer can process works with high accuracy and as fast as you cannot even wonder.



This is the factor why every small and large MNC uses computers, even online marketing companies are completely dependent on computers so that you can understand the reliability of computers. Computers never get tired never take a break never lose their accuracy. A computer provides this type of reliability.

You can get an idea that large e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce sites are dependent on computers, and search engines like Google are completely dependent on computers and it is available 24×7.

To sum up, with speed, accuracy, and reliability you can use a computer with the same speed and accuracy all day, every day in a week, and every week in a month and this only happens because of the reliability of a computer.



This is a very major point of characteristics of a computer. Storage is one of the most beneficial because everything is getting digitized and for digitizing your data you need to have storage space that is already in your computer. So that is a very good thing.

Now for computers storage matters a lot, without storage computers cannot work. And because storage is very important it has other benefits like you can store huge data on that.

So to sum up the speed, accuracy, reliability, and storage with a computer you can work very fast, with accuracy, with reliability and after finishing the work you can store the work on the computer itself. And use that later.

Automatic and scheduled

Working automatically is also a vital point of characteristics of a computer.

You can easily automate a computer as your own work, you can set any program to run when you boot your computer, or you can make a program run to receive an update that how your online business performed yesterday or today if you didn’t set your online business up yet then see this tutorial now: how to earn money without investment through mobile phone – legitimate approach

So you can use these features easily by making programs and using automated tasks this is also called scheduling tasks. With this, you can make any program work exactly when you wanted and which task you wanted. The computer is capable of these things with ease. So the automated tasks are really very important for a computer.

To sum up with speed, accuracy, reliability, storage, and automated tasks you can work with speed, accuracy, reliability, then store that on storage and get it back using automated tasks, this is how a computer works. These tasks are getting easier with computers.

Quick Decision

The evolution of computers is in boom now, computers are getting upgraded day by day now computers can take quick decisions this was not possible if we say 8 – 9 years ago. So computers are evolving very fast and their growth is exponential.

Now computers have a new ability which is taking quick decisions this is only possible with Machine Learning and deep neural networks, these are the ways from where this decision-making ability evolved on modern computers. These abilities are really very impressive when you realize that the computer is replying to your questions automatically.



Multitasking is another property of modern computers, this enables you to use your computer when you want to use more than one task. You can run more than one task at the same time this is called multitasking, you need this in many cases as we need this feature so modern computers have already the processors that support multitasking unless you are using old Pentium processors.

So this is a very vital point of characteristics of a computer. This is a very good point of that. With multitasking, the works get very easier and you can work faster than when you were processing only one task at a time. Multitasking evolved computers to the peak.

No Feeling


Computers had no feelings, the computer never understands your feeling that what you are saying so everyone says that a computer is a nonsense machine though computer solves every big problem in seconds still computer has no power to understand and act as human feelings.

But if the computer gets those feelings and can act against them, then humanity will be in great danger because if it happens then computers will rule the world and can destroy humanity, because they will get every power that human has but they will get even more.


Computers had no IQ, the whole computer is based on programs that human already does on the computer. The computer only acts on that. It is like a human has already made the tracks for computers and the computers are only going through that tracks.

It is bounded with tracks, which means that the computer cannot go beyond the program and work. But nowadays there machine learning manipulated the game, now computers can go beyond the programs and work something but that needs extra effort, basically, by default, the computer cannot go beyond the programs.

So we can say that a computer doesn’t have its own IQ power.

To sum up with all this. A computer basically made with these functionalities and there are many things behind this, this is not possible to cover everything in a single post so we will be discussing this on another post until then bye-bye, and if you haven’t joined our social groups then hurry up and join fast to get all updates. You will get all links at the header part.

Ending up the article 8 Most important characteristics of a computer, with best regards.

Most of the points got from: https://quicklearncomputer.com/characteristics-of-computer/

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