How to activate virtualenv on Cpanel

In this tutorial we are going to see how to activate virtualenv on Cpanel.


So without any further delay let’s get started.

 First of all go to your Admin Panel and in the product section you will see your domain and hosting , click on the manage button , there you will find the settings option below the cpanel Admin button.

Click on the server button then scroll down slightly. And there you will see the ssh option which can be enabled or disabled using the manage button.

You have to turn on the ssh first. After enabling the switch try refreshing the page. If it gets off again then try it another time. Try it until it shows that it is enabled. If it does not show the switch enabled then trying to message on the support box of your hosting provider, they will help you out. After enabling the ssh switch go to your Cpanel.  scroll down at the bottom of the page there you will find advanced options full stop in the advanced section you will find a button called Terminal. click on the Terminal button and paste the below command:

source /home/your cpanel username/virtualenv/your main directory/3.7/bin/activate && cd /home/your cpanel username/your main directory

After executing this command you will see the virtualenv has been activated , now you can download your dependencies using PIP commands or other commands that will be used to make your app working perfectly.

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