Beautiful Website Making tip #1

For beautiful Website Making. You have to Notice some of the documentation of frontend languages like HTML,CSS and JS. 


You should have an intermediate knowledge of these languages. Your knowledge will not define the design of your website, this will depend on how you can imagine about designing. 


Role Of HTML: 


The role of HTML is most, Without html no website can be made because html is the one which comes through the http protocol. No other markup language can go through the http protocol and without http protocol no website can be surfed. In the entire network. So you should know the HTML language , though this language is not so hard to learn.


Role Of CSS:


The Role of css is also a necessary product for the websites , because without css html will look something like the below picture.



So CSS is also a vital product for web development.


Role Of Js:


Now at this point I can say that Js is not a necessary product for developing websites, but if you want to develop professional websites then you are definitely gonna be using the JavaScript language. Basically it is a language for giving logics on our website. You can make a beautiful website without JS . But if you use JS then it will be more attractive because JS is used to interact with the users. But CSS is only for designing the website, and HTML is a language for making hyper Texts.


There are also many other things that I should explain but it will come on the next part of the series.

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