Beautiful Website Making Tip #2

Beautiful Website Making Tip #2


This is the second part of making a beautiful website. Here we will discuss the further discussions about this topic.


The Basic things we discussed on the previous tutorial, if you didn’t seen that then go to the link below: Beautiful Website Making tip #1


Before seeing this post you should see the previous post for better understanding . 


Assuming that you have seen the tutorial, now we are going to start this tutorial. 


Here we will discuss the importance of images using the page , it can be a static page or can be a dynamic page , no matter which type of website you are should use rich images on your content . This attracts the users to have more interaction on your website , if you are building an ecommerce website then you should definitely use images , not only for formality but  in the right place where it will look the best. You should use many css properties for making a professional website , you can also use the advanced css properties to any of your websites but it is most essential for the ecommerce websites. 


The Pictures should be using the css properties like polygon and gradient. It will enhance your interaction with your user. You can also make portfolios for your users to be more trusted. In this way your website will be a trusted website , everyone will buy products from your ecommerce website. 


There is also another thing that if you don’t use the javascript then you will make the biggest mistake here because the javascript is essential for any of the ecommerce website, if you don’t use this then your client will surely get disappointed from you. 


If you are making a blog website then also you can use the javascript on that website because the javascript will enhance the user interaction. But if you are going to make a light-weight website then you should not use javascript more , because this will delay the loading of your site and if your site is not hosted in a good hosting platform then then you should worry. 


There is another thing which is the backend,if you are not making a static website then you have to use any of the backend language available in the market , it is recommended to use languages that have a large community so that you will not face any problems in future.


For more beautiful making websites see docs , see official Docs:

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