beautiful website making with css in 2020

Today in this tutorial we are going to see the Latest techniques of beautiful website making with css in 2020


If you are a developer or want to be a developer in future then you need to know the actual way to develop any website with full consciousness with love , then you should see this tutorial , here I will share you some basic but very useful methods to create your website very impressive and make your client Happy with your work.

So Let’s get Started with our today’s agenda which is : being a good enough web Developer.

So when you are going to develop any website , you have to look for the basic things like , What you are exactly going to do , like how the structure is going to be , like what is going to be the primary color of the website , like how you are imagining to look it as frontend . Now if you are a backend developer then you have to notice the structure of the code .

you have to be very conscious about the codes that there are enough comments , that if another developer sees the code , then he can understand those codes easily . You also should also make the code as short as you can , so that the client can even understand the codes. You should also notice the bugs , if there are any bugs in your code , these bugs can be cause for losing your client . because clients hate bugs , because if you are making a website for them and they are also paying you, then they deserve a bug free website from you.

You should make your website very responsive . so that every device can see the content without any hesitation or getting irritated. It can also be a cause of losing the client for future.

So be conscious of these things I have said . 

Now I will recommend you some coding Tips that you should use when you are creating a website. 

While making a website you should make the website fully responsive , as I said that before.

So if you are using the pixel or px in your css code then this can be your one of the biggest blunders while coding , you should always use the root element or rem there are also the other options like you can use the em also but it is recommended to use the rem while defining the size in your css .

There are also other units like if you are defining the width of any element then you can use the view width which is vw this also allows you the responsiveness and when you are defining the height of any element then you can use the vh unit which stands for the view height. But you should avoid the pixel unit as much as you can . 


for more information check here :

It is always recommended to use media queries where you haven’t other options to make it responsive.

You should always focus on the look of the website because every client sees the outer side or the frontend of the website and then he sees the backend you have written . So you have to focus on the Frontend you made , if it is really worth the price with the price he gave then you are good to go .

If you follow these steps, no matter what you are , if you are a freelancer then you can also attract clients with these works . and get Paid with a professional web developer tag . Or if you are not a freelancer then also you can grab customers, clients easily . 

So that’s it for now ,  If you have any questions related to any topic then you can comment below I Will definitely reply to you and make a separate tutorial if needed. 


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From: Sayantan Biswas

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