Choose the best budget laptop for 2021

Choose the best budget laptop for 2021


Choosing the best laptop is quite difficult for any user, because there are a lot of laptops that can confuse you. Each laptop is good for a particular type of user but what would be your choice when buying a laptop? This we will discuss in this post.


So if you are a regular user then you know that I am a technical person, who loves machines and coding and hacking. Then I can say that you are also a technical lover. So I will discuss here in which laptops you can develop high softwares. And eligible for penetration testing. 

So let’s get started.


Choose the Best Processor for you:


        Processor is one of the vital elements of a pc or a laptop. This is the thing where every user compromises . but I want to say the right fact about that. If you are buying a processor for a PC then you should be aware of upgrading it. Because if you don’t buy the right processor then it will create problems while upgrading, but if you are buying a laptop then you have to definitely buy the right laptop that does not create problems in future.


So Which Processor Should I Buy ?

       See, this completely depends on your need and your budget. If you want only to surf the web and watch youtube videos then you definitely don’t need the i5 processor. 


In this case You can buy the dual core processor or the i3 of any generation processors depending on your budget. Note: Laptops are not upgradable. And PCs can cost a lot while upgrading processors.


If you are a developer then you are going to write heavy codes in future, so you need to use an intermediate level of processors like i5 6gen – 10 gen or i3 8th gen – higher . This can be your processor in laptops but if you are going to build a PC then the processor can be lower depending on your budget. 


If you are a penetration tester then you need a quite good laptop or a pc because you need to make many attacks in the targeted server or web or whatever it is. So your PC configurations can remain the same as the developer has but again it depends on your budget, you can also buy with higher configurations depending on your budget.In this case you need some more hardware in your pc or laptop that we will be discussing after some time in this post.


If you are a gamer then you definitely need a higher configuration and expensive processor because your pc needs those processing speeds to work perfectly while gaming and again it completely depends on your budget segment. 

Choose best RAM configuration:


       So in case of RAM it usually depends on your processor more processing speed needs more ram but if you purchased a low budget processor and a large Ram then it will definitely disappoint you. Because if it cannot process more then how do the ram give the full performance. I will tell you the right configuration.


If you decided to purchase the right processor for you then you can now see this portion for RAM configuration. Ram is also an important process for laptops and PCs the more ram you have, the more multitasking you can do but there is also a bound for ram.


If you choose the dual core processor then you can place 2GB or 4GB of ram.


If you choose the i3 processor then you need at least 4GB to 8GB of ram.


If you choose the i5 processor then you need at least 8GB to higher depending on your need for ram.


If you choose the i7 or higher processor then you need from at least 16GB to higher depending on your need for ram.


But if you are going to purchase a laptop then you will already get the best specification out of the box. But there are many laptops that have upgrade options in it so you can definitely check that out.


Storage( Hard Disk , SSD ):


      There are two options in the case of storage in a PC or a laptop one is SSD and the other one is HDD . HDD means Hard Disk which has moving parts inside it and it stores data and also retrieves data while moving. So it is quite slow even though it is very slow from an SSD. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is far faster than a hard disk. It is always recommended that you should go for the SSD. This will increase your performance , booting speed and load softwares more faster than a normal HDD. 


There are also many types of SSD there are M.2 SSD and SATA the fastest SSD is M.2 SSD but also it is expensive not only M.2 but every SSD is very expensive so that everyone cannot afford it . So if you have enough budget then go for an SSD and if you are making a best budget pc for 2021 then Go for the HDD but you can upgrade it later. Laptops also do the same thing , some laptops have a dedicated slot for upgrading SSD so you can check it. There will be an additional Sata slot or M.2 slot in the specification of the laptop.


Penetration Testers:


       There are many things that you need when you are going to use the PC in Penetration testing. There are wifi adapters, arduino boards and many other things like that you need . You can save some money from the PC you are building and purchase those stuff. Because you are going to use those things in future. But if you have money to purchase a good laptop and also this stuff then I think you will not read this whole thing.


If you want to know what tools you need then check this website for other details: 10 gadgets every white hat hacker needs in their toolkit 


Where to buy:


        There are many platforms online and also offline from where you can purchase a laptop and also build a PC you can purchase from anywhere. 

You can buy it from amazon and also flipkart and other online platforms. And also purchase from my affiliate links , you can access that from Home – Technical Sayan

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