blogging vs youtube – which is best for you in 2021

blogging vs youtube – which is best for you in 2021

blogging vs youtube – which is best for you, This question is quite old but still, I am covering this because on this topic I have my own perspective that to be published among you guys. Every starter blogger or YouTuber thinks about what would be best for them, but they didn’t get the right one.

After starting and spending a lot of time on that particular theme, they realize that this field is not for them. And then they switch to another, and happens the same thing, in this way a lot of time we spend only to decide which one is made for me, right?

So let me solve your problem with the confusion on youtube or Blogging.

Youtube’s Facilities:

blogging vs youtube - which is best for you

On youtube, you are able to upload videos where you can make people understand what you exactly wanted to say, and there you don’t need to do that SEO to grow because Youtube has its own algorithm that works perfectly in less SEO but if your content is rich,

means interactive and useful then you will grow on youtube in another case you will learn to make interactive videos and can grow. Yes, it is easy to grow on youtube.

Blogging’s Facilities:

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In blogging, you are able to create, customize, and delete your models, themes, database, and give a look as you want to display. This will be your personal business and you have to invest in that and if you earn from that then you don’t need to share your profit with any of the third-party software or website.

Youtube’s Problems

The biggest problem that youtube contains is a lack of content, yes… though you will say that there is enough content on youtube but no, youtube still doesn’t have content for everyone and for each people where google solves this problem, where almost every content has been in google.

The biggest reason for that is the mode of content, youtube has the mode video but google supports the written mode as article as well as voice mode embedded on the article and also video mode embedded to the article.

This is more reliable and easy for the people who know the solution that users are finding. And users like to read articles more than watching videos, google says this.

Blogging’s Problems:

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In blogging, there are also many drawbacks as youtube. Like many topics that will be more suitable in video form than video form.

So if you choose those topics then you will never be successful in blogging and other drawbacks like in blogging you need to be aware of many things like you need to compare your competitors then you need to make your content whare youtube doesn’t have this problem,

and you should have a good knowledge of SEO to rank your articles, so you need to learn that also. Like this, there are a lot of other problems. If you are not using SEO then watch this post and start using it fast.

So let’s sum up what you should choose. So if you want to earn money and be famous then you should go for youtube and if you are interested in earning a lot of money and don’t want to be famous or you are not comfortable with facing a camera then you should definitely go for blogging.

But if you want all of this then you can do both of them, if you don’t have any problem making those.

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