How to buy ahrefs advanced version only for ₹ 299 in 2021

How to buy ahrefs advanced version only for ₹ 299 in 2021

In the blogging sector keyword research is the most important factor to gain traffic. And this work is the hardest work, to simplify this work many companies made their own tools to utilize many factors of keyword research. Now, what keyword research is? Let’s start from this point. so you can get an idea about why to buy ahrefs advanced version only for ₹ 299 in 2021.

What is Keyword Research

Keyword research is simply the work to find a particular keyword that people searches, neither the exact keyword is possible to find nor it is stable that everyone will search the same keyword. Here we only predict the keyword that is most similar to the keywords that are being searched on various search engines like Google, Bing. In this way, if we get the exact keyword that is most suitable for us then it gets the higher chances to rank on various search engines, In most cases, it is Google because Google has the most likely amount of users every moment.

The free tool for keyword research

There are limited free tools that are suitable to research any keyword in a good manner, the best one is Google Keyword Planner though it is not that capable for that your of advanced researches, if you don’t want to invest then you can use that. But it is recommended to make a small purchase and buy a good one that will help you to work efficiently.

Best Paid Tools For keyword research

There are a couple of Paid best tools that will help you to make researches efficiently. I will describe two tools that are now booming in the market. The first one is ahrefs and secondly semrush. These two tools have a huge database of about every data related to keyword research. But their prices are very high mostly ahrefs, the price is actually very high. So we have prepared this article to provide you to buy ahrefs advanced version only for ₹ 299 in 2021. So let’s see how it is possible to do.

How to buy ahrefs advanced version only for ₹ 299 in 2021

If you buy ahrefs from the official websites then it will cost you about 99 $ for the lite plan but there is the solution where you can buy ahrefs advanced version only for ₹ 299 in 2021. So here’s the solution:

If you buy ahrefs individually then you have to purchase the full plan which starts from 99 $ but if you purchase it in the group then it will be very easy to buy because everyone is giving their money to purchase that, and the works will also be divided but there are enough research amounts for you, you cannot even exceed that if you are a beginner. So there are lots of websites that provide this type of service but it is necessary to buy plans from websites that are 100% trusted.

So, one of the trusted websites is seoToolAdda, I personally used this website. So this is 100% trusted even 101% trusted. To purchase the subscription go to this link: SeoTooladda.

After going to this link, simply sign up to the website and you will get a dashboard like below


Then there are many options to buy there are individual plans for every tool there are 20 + tools to purchase at low prices including to buy ahrefs advanced version only for ₹ 299 in 2021, but there is also an option that is to buy the combo pack, in the combo pack you will get all the 20 + tools that you see there and you can purchase that all at only ₹ 599. If you want all those then you can definitely check the combo plan out.

If you have any doubts related to purchasing then check out my youtube video, from below:

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