how to earn money without investment through mobile phone – legitimate approach 2021

how to earn money without investment through mobile phone – legitimate approach

There are tons of websites on Google that claim to provide you, how to earn money without investment through mobile phone but they don’t say you the best way or the best approach for earning fast and efficiently. There are plenty of android apps that claim to give you the best amount based on how you performed on that app, some apps provide you an amount if you refer someone and he purchases or downloads that app, but this is quite hard. 

These ways are not efficient in the long term and these are also not official ways to earn money. If they want then they can block your payment as well as what is already due. So that’s why in this article I am going to present the Top 5 legitimate ways to earn money without investment through mobile phone, so let’s get started to our article.

So our first way is:


So blogging is the first Answer to the question of how to earn money without investment through mobile phone. You can earn lots of money with this, as well as you can use it as a career in the long term. You can earn money by integrating Google Adsense into your site. There are some criteria for getting approved in Google Adsense, you can check those criteria and integrate them to your site and earn.

First, you need to make a free website using and make the essential pages like the home page, contact Page, Privacy Policy page, and Disclaimer page. After creating those pages you can create posts. You have to create very quality contented posts. You have to create at least 20 – 30 posts frequently. You can create posts optimized with SEO so that the posts you write can rank faster in the higher positions on Google and other search engines. If you don’t know how to do SEO or what is SEO optimization then check this post out best-advanced SEO optimization to rank your site 2021

Google takes 2 – 3 months to show your site in the automatic method. If you want to show your site on google very fast then you should obviously check this post out: the site is not showing on google search results. You can optimize these things on your new blog site if you really want to make it. If you are not comfortable with blogging then check out the rest of the methods.

Creator on Youtube

This is the second method of how to earn money without investment through mobile phone. Being a creator on youtube is such a good and effective approach for earning money and making it a career, though being a famous Youtuber is a quite hard task for a beginner. But it is not impossible as many new YouTubers also earning money. So if you try and work consistently after a certain time your youtube channel will grow because you will learn how to make interactive videos on youtube from your experience and failures.

To be honest, Earning money is not easy you have to work hard to earn money without investment through mobile phone, the platforms that assure that you can earn money without investment through mobile phone easily using their service, be conscious and wise before investing in those platforms. So, first of all, you have to make a Youtube channel where you can upload videos. To make a channel you only need two things, first an email address and second a phone number. I am sure that you are on your smartphone, right?

So first, you have to open a link on any of your browsers which is

After opening the link you will get the below type of dialogue box where you will be asked to provide a name that you want to make the channel. 

youtube studio

So, first, you have to type the name that you want to make the channel and after that just click on the button create channel this will create the channel on Youtube. Note: Before clicking the link sign in with the email id on which you want to make the channel. After this, you can upload videos for youtube from that link. If you don’t want to do this also then you can check other ones. You can also check this article out for more ways: how to earn money sitting at home – best ways 2021. I think your question about how to earn money without investment through mobile phone will be solved after seeing the article

Being a Developer

If you are a technical person then you obviously love programming languages also, Right?

Well, I am a technical person and I love programming but programming is for only computer users and you don’t have a computer or laptop, Right? 

Okay, let me solve your problem. First, let me clarify your misconception about programming, programming is not for only computer users but for those who are serious about learning and want to earn a huge amount of money. This doesn’t depend on the device it depends on how much you are curious to learn it. This method can solve your question about how to earn money without investment through mobile phone.

So if you are seriously want to learn this you can do this on any device. Now, being a developer not means that you have to spend lots of money to learn it. There are lots of free resources like youtube, and other websites. You can easily learn from those websites and create your own. Now to create your own developed tools you need some software and IDEs where you can write your codes Right? I will provide you best IDEs and apps that will support your android phone to create codes efficiently and professionally. So you can find those IDEs here: Top 5 best Free code Editors and IDEs for android for 2021.

After installing the best IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of your choice first go to youtube and find which language you want to learn. I will tell you some of the latest programming languages you have to learn any of them first. Python, C language, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JS, NodeJs. These are some famous programming languages nowadays so you can choose any of them and start learning, it can take up to 2 – 3 months to learn the basics if you are absolutely a beginner.

After learning you learned that now, you can start your business making tools and software for money. If you think it is hard for you, then check this post out, there you will get many other ways for earning: how to earn money sitting at home – best ways 2021

From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a quite good source for earning money this method can make you lots of money if you can work more. There are many ways for affiliate marketing, to grow faster. The first method is to share your affiliate links on Facebook but you can make a website for specifically affiliate marketing so that users can come to your website and purchase your product and you will earn money from that. This can be the best method of how to earn money without investment through mobile phone.  

So, why users will purchase your affiliate product? 

Well, many users are also searching for something as you are also searched for the best methods for earning money.  So when they search that, if your website comes then they will read the review that you have written on your website and if the user likes your writing then he will definitely purchase the product. But there are also many ways to make a purchase of your product, one of them is sharing the review and the purchase link on telegram groups as well as WhatsApp groups, but you have to find groups with the niche that you are targeting to generate a purchase.

Every product can have different niches that mean you have to join too many groups and it is not possible. That’s why everyone used to make websites, on a website you can make categories where users can visit as per their interest. You will write reviews for the products and users will read that and you can easily generate purchases. Let’s go to our last method.

Teaching People

If you are a technical person or have knowledge about any field then you can easily earn money without investment through mobile phone by teaching people. This is a very good scope, it is possible that the knowledge you have is rare or a person who is finding a teacher who can teach him the exact thing that you are knowledgable about. There are unlimited possibilities that can happen, so if you have any technical person or can teach people effectively then you can earn a decent amount per month. 

There are lots of websites where you can register as a teacher and find students there. This can be a very good source of earning. There is another option for this teaching the field, the method is Facebook. Yes! Facebook has a huge people base, you can join groups related to your topic, there you will find peoples asking for tutorials, you can get there and offer them a paid tutorial and if they are interested then they will approach you and you can earn money without investment through mobile phone. This is also a very effective way of earning.


The conclusion is that everything you do, think about it before and then apply for that. If you are investing in something then it is also good but as I said, think first but not too much think how much you need overthinking is also a bad thing. So this is all for now, hope to see you in another post.

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