Fast Adsense approval Tips and Tricks for 2021

Fast Adsense approval Tips and Tricks

In the field of blogging and other fields like youtube, AdSense is an essential product. Every blogger’s and YouTuber’s main earnings come from Google AdSense so that the google AdSense matters to the social influencers. So that my Fast Adsense approval Tips and Tricks will help you to achieve this.

Google AdSense is such a product whose CPC rate usually gets much high in terms of earnings.

Because everyone trusts google so that the advertisers also provide high Ad Rates and thus Google Adsense gives high CPC to the publishers so that we get high revenue.

This is the fact, why every publisher wants to place Google AdSense ads on their channel or in the blog. And for placing ads on a blog website it is essential to get AdSense approval. Here Fast Adsense approval Tips and Tricks comes into the picture.

In this article, I am going to describe the facts why your AdSense applications are getting rejected and what are the Fast Adsense approval Tips and Tricks to solve and start your earnings. So let’s get started…

Rejection message

First, you need to read the message carefully that is sent by Google AdSense via e-mail, there will be a particular reason why AdSense is rejecting your application, or instead, there can be only the error that is the reason for the rejection.

For example, I have an application message that Google AdSense sent when I was in my starting days. Let me share that with you all.

AdSense error message

So in the picture, you can see there is an error described, basically, they were saying that the blog where you wanted to get approval is not met their program criteria. So… from this one question is coming that what are those criteria?

Well, there are lots of criteria on which Google AdSense depends on but I cannot describe those criteria in one article because it is soo vast. If you understand the Hindi language then check out my youtube channel where I have described all.

Let me discuss one or two points but I will make a dedicated article for the criteria of Google. So let’s get started on the points.

Policy Violation Error

Policy violation error is the error that most bloggers get. I also got this error on my starting days. So, you violated the policies of Google AdSense?

Well, yes! you have violated the policies of Google AdSense so what are the policies, oh! if you are going to read the policies of Google then stop! Google AdSense has a huge Policy page that will consume your 4 – 5 days of reading.

So if you still wanna read those then go ahead. This is the link Google AdSense Privacy Policy Page. If you wanna read my Fast Adsense approval Tips and Tricks then let’s get started with the reasons why this error can come.

Scrapped Content

The first thing is if you have scrapped content, I mean if you copied an article or any portion of an article from any other blogs then this can be your first reason.

Copyrighted Images

The second reason could be if you have placed any copyrighted images in your content. Copyrighted images mean suppose you have surfed any blog and there you get an image that is looking really good and you have downloaded that image and placed it on your blog, this would be a copyrighted image. You should avoid this.

Inappropriate pages

The third thing that can be one reason if you didn’t make your pages correctly. This means you have to make pages appropriately. You have to make every necessary page along with their contents. So you can solve this error.

There are plenty of other reasons to solve those errors. I will make an article on those reasons soon. But if you know the Hindi language then you can see my youtube video, I have already covered one point there. The video is below.

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The conclusion is that if you have started a new blog, focus on your content not getting Google AdSense approval because you need the traffic to earn not Adsense Approval. Because content is king, if you can make your content attractive then you can earn.

Google will give you approval only if you have rich content means attractive and unique content. So you have to focus on making rich content not getting approval. make your content fully SEO optimized. And focus on ranking on Google so that users can find your wonderful content.

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