Top 5 best Free code Editors and IDEs for android for 2021

Top 5 best Free code Editors and IDEs for android in 2020.

So why do we need code editors , when it comes to android devices ?

Well we need code editors because of coding , but not when  staying at home it is useful when we are far from home and we need to code something , It can be serious or for passing the time. It depends on your needs.

So here we need the code editors. So if you are a developer then these code editors will definitely make you fall in love with those editors.

So let’s get started with our first code editor. Which is :

  1. Acode – powerful code editor

post pic 2
acode picture 2
post pic 1
Acode picture 1

This code Editor is Fabulous . I personally use this code editor to edit my codes  . This has powerful snippets and many themes which will give you the experience of the editor you use in your computer .

It has many functionalities as computers have . It is such a very Powerful code editor .In my point of view. Beginners also can use this editor.

 2. Quoda Code Editor

This is also a good code editor to Edit your codes in a good theme and , with good snippets.

This also contains very useful themes and good looks . This has also supports many snippets and you can download many snippets and other useful things from this editor.

Quoda Picture 1
Quoda Picture 1
Quoda picture 2
Quoda picture 2


3. Pydroid 3 – IDE for Python 3

Pydroid picture 1
Pydroid picture 1
Pydroid picture 2
Pydroid picture 2

This is not only a code editor but this is an IDE for python. Python is a most useful and high level programming language in 2020. This contains very useful libraries in it. You can just click on the install button and it will install it for you and you can use it for your work easily.

It’s Interface is also very Good but there is a problem that there are no snippets available in the free version , I don’t know about the premium version because I don’t have the premium version. Here also you will get very useful themes . 

You can run your code directly using this IDE(Integrated Development Environment).

 4. Jvdroid – IDE for Java

This is an IDE for java coding. Here you will get an Environment for Java language. Which is a very useful language for all time . This IDE is also developed by the same company or same developer . So the Interface and other things are quite similar to the Pydroid 3 that we described in the above section. 

Jvdroid picture
Jvdroid picture

So if you are using the Pydroid 3 IDE and you are enjoying that , then you are gonna enjoy this IDE too . Although this is for java and there are a lot of other java IDEs , but I have Described about this IDE because I used this IDE and I loved it. You can also use this IDE.

 I am sure you are also going to love it .

Our Last IDE is the IDE which can be used to develop apps directly from your phone , Android Developers are going to Appreciate it. So the Next IDE is:


5. AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++

This is the IDE for Android developers who were willing to develop android apps directly from the android . I know

AIDE picture
AIDE picture

Everyone Knows about Android development . so I am not saying a lot about this. But if you are here then I have a Bonus IDE for you here . To boost your Android Development.

So here is another IDE , but wait a second , this is not a IDE after all . This is not a code editor also . But this is definitely another thing in my point of view.

So here is the app: 


so these are the best android code editors 2020

This is an app for Android Developers to Easily create their own apps , atleast can Edit their Xml files through this app.

App links are removed due to some copywrite related issues

Every App is available on Google Play Store

django develpopment tutorial :

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