game developer: salary, eligibility – advanced unique 21

game developer: salary, Eligibility – advanced unique 21

The scope of a game developer is increasing day by day because the internet is expanding all over the world in a treble manner. This influences the developers to develop more games. While the internet is expanding the users are also attracted and addicted to the games, more than before. So let’s get started with the article.

Game developer – works

Game development has been a quite difficult task since it was started. Nowadays there are a huge amount of engines that are available for game development. But all of them are different from each other in at least one feature. So if you learned or learning, game development with a particular engine then it’s gonna be difficult for you to switch to another engine for developing the same game. A Game developer works very hard to make or create a game.

Game developer – salary

The salary of a game developer is quite satisfactory, no matter which company. Every company used to provide a satisfactory salary for a game developer. So if you want to learn game development or learning then it can be very beneficial for your future, because the scopes are increasing day by day. And new companies are also coming into the market.

Is there only one game developer in a company?

Well, absolutely No, there are many types of developers who have to be present to develop a single game professionally. It is possible to develop a professional 3d game for an individual but it will take a lifetime to finish. So that game development companies used to hire multiple developers for each work. Based on work, the salaries would be divided, like there has to be a VFX designer, as well as a graphic designer. It is not mandatory to have the same salary for both developers.

Game developer – eligibility

There are no specific eligibility criteria for getting hired to a company as a game developer, every company uses its methods to hire an employee. But there are some common criteria that every company used to check on a developer.


The applicant has to pass the Higher Secondary Examination (10+2). After completing, they can enroll in a course of game development. The applicant should have a diploma or a bachelor’s degree in game development or a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering or any other similar degree in the Computer field. This is not fixed criteria as I said before though undergraduate education is generally required.

The students should have a deep theoretical and practical knowledge of some programming languages, those with a degree will be in a higher position than other candidates who don’t have. It is essential because with this one can get a better aspect on computer applications. Before applying to a company you should analyze yourself and have to be best skilled as the best game developer.

Game developer – skills

For being hired by a company you must have excellent drawing skills and visualization power. Game developers need to have a clear and master-concept about real-life physics because game development is all about physics. And have excellent programming algorithm concepts. Because in the game development there you need to make many complex algorithms. So you have a deep knowledge of programming with various languages.

Because game developers usually work with a team so you must have good communication skills in mostly English. If you are a game designer then also you need these skills. You must have deeper knowledge about game development tools, and you always have to be updated about new software, And their updates.

Game development – software and tools

In developing a game, you need various tools and software for the best work. So I will name some tools and some software that you need to learn when you are learning game development. The software’s are:

You need to master one of the game engines below:

  1. Unity (Best)
  2. Unreal Engine (Best)
  3. GDevelop
  4. Indie Game Maker

There are names of some game engines in the market but the first two engines are the best nowadays in the market. PUBG (Player Unknown BattleGround) was made with Unreal Game Engine 4. So that you can understand how powerful these engines are.

If you are a game designer then you need the below software while designing:

If you are a beginner then you can use these free tools:

  1. Quest
  2. Twine

If you are a beginner but you can pay then you can use below software’s

  1. Stencyl
  2. Construct 2
  3. Gamesalad

If you are an intermediate or expert level designer then you can consider below software:

  1. RPG Maker
  2. Game Maker
  3. Unity
  4. Unreal

There is some character making tools or software listed below:

  1. MakeHuman
  2. Daz Studio
  3. iClone
  4. Mixamo
  5. Autodesk Character Generator
  6. Maya
  7. zBrush

These are some famous software or tools available on the market for making games to ease some work for a game developer. 

Even After fulfilling these requirements game development is very hard as it needs lots of time and lots of effort and creative ideas and also a powerful and experienced team. With all of this, developing a game can take up to 2 to 3 years for full completion. Then after the game has been published developers need to make many patches, and fixes and need to update from time to time. So basically this can be a very hard task to be a game developer.

That’s why game development companies give the developers that money. 


The conclusion is that game development is more complex than the game seems to a user. Developing a game is a very very hard task. Lots of money is needed for that as well as a company, sometimes an individual company also unable to make the whole game, they need help from other companies to make some of their products to develop the game. But after that’s all I’ll say if you are going to be a game developer then it will be a very good scope for you. Because if there are complications then there are good things also.

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