Getting Started With programming Language | 2020

Here We are going to Discuss about Programming Languages

Back again with a new tutorial here in this tutorial we are going to discuss about the Programming Languages .


So first one is What is Programming Language ?

Programming is a Technique where we say something to the Computer and as you know that computer is not but just a Nonsense machine . So we have to say everything to the machine to make it work .

That’s the reason why we use the programming to give Instructions to the computer so that it can understand what we are wanting to say the computer and so it can work as we want .

Here cames the programming Languages . The programming language is just to simpliy the instructions because the computer cannot understand the English language or any other languages that we use in our daily life , The comnputer can only understand the binary language which is only 0 and 1 different combinations of 0 and 1 are used to make understandable for the computer It is alse called the system language or the low level languages .


What the Programming Language does ?

So we seen that computer can only understand Low level languages which is binary language . Everyone cannot understand the binary language so here comes  the work of the Programming Languages . Programming Languages not does anything dificult it only converts our english language and the which is used to programming and also some special characters are used in the programming languages . The programming language converts whatever we write in the console to the Binary language by some proccesses that it does when we run the programme . The process represents a chart . The chart is also called the Flow chart .

With this flow chart We can simly understand the flow of the running process.

So in the summery ,The programming language converts our normal language to the binary language . That’s it


More About Programming.

The programming contains a lots of properties we will discuss some of the main properties of Programming Languages.

The Programming Languages Has their own Grammer , but in the Programming terminology it not called the Grammer it called the Syntax in the programming languages .

Every Language has it’s own syntax . It can be different in different Languages there are also many things that can be different in every language . That is the keyword ,Keyword means the reserved words that can only be used to perform the specific task based on the allocated work to the keyword. That can be different in every languages and some of them also be same in some languages.

there are also differency in data types in some cases . Though there are almost same in every language but there are also exception .

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That’s all for Now , see you in the next tutorial.

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