How to properly download unity game engine on windows 10

How to properly download unity game engine on windows 10

This has been a question for a long time about how to install unity game engine properly in your system on any OS, but in this post I will explain how to install unity on Windows 10. If you want to install on another operating system then you can comment so that I can make that also. Game engines are really hard to install or I say hard to understand. So in this post it will be much easier than you haven’t seen before.

How To Install Unity ?

First of all you don’t need to install unity engine manually, only you need to follow a few steps that I will mention here, that’s it, your engine will be ready to use then.

  1. Downloading Unity Hub.
  2. Signing Up to Unity.
  3. Install Unity Game Engine.

If you follow these steps then your unity will be running properly on your system.

So follow these steps to install unity game engine to your system.

  1. Download Unity Hub

To download unity hub first open any browser and search for unity download open the first link of there you will see the below type of page

unity 1

Then click on Download Unity Hub, and then download the UnityHubSetup.exe , after downloading open downloads and then double click on the exe file mentioned before, after double clicking a popup will appear simply click on yes and then you will see a screen like the below picture.


Simply click on I Agree button and proceed to the other screen there will be another screen like below


Here you need to specify the path where you want to install the unity hub as well as the engine later. You should not change the path instead you have a strong reason to change. After doing these things click on the install button and all the necessary things will be installed on your specified path after the successful installation click on finish button , now if you followed these steps then your unity hub is going to start automatically or if you have done other things there then you have to open Unity Hub manually .

So after starting Unity hub you will see a login window now here you have to go to this website or go to and go to the signup page and there you need to create a new unity id means need to sign up with unity after signing up then go back to the opened unity hub window and there you deed to provide your unity Id or the email, used to create unity id and the password you set while creating the account. After the successful login then you will see a window like the below picture.


Now you need to click on the installs button on the left side of the window. After clicking the installs button you  will see below type of window.


In my case here one version of unity is already installed which is 2020.1.8f1 but you will be empty if you did this process as I explained in this post , now you need to click on the add button then you will see the below type of window.

download unity

Now here you need to provide which version you want to install in your system after that click on the next button .


In the above picture you have to provide which dependencies you need to install in your system, note: the more you choose dependencies, the more it will take your storage as well as download size. 

You can choose the dependencies that I choose in that picture.


Now you need to agree to the terms and conditions given above. After reading the agreement you can proceed to the next window by clicking the next button.


Now after all this is done now you have to agree to the last agreement and all done, your unity engine will start downloading. After download is finished you can. You can go to the project tab and create a new unity project as your own. So in this way you can install unity to your computer.

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