how to earn money sitting at home in India – best ways 2021

how to earn money sitting at home in India – best ways 2021

If you want to know how to earn money sitting at home in India, then read this article completely. I am going to tell you the 7 best ways to earn money by sitting at home and with less work. You just need to have consistency in your work so you can absolutely earn money.

So let’s get to our first method.


1. Blogging

The best and effective way to earn money by sitting at home is blogging you just need to make a simple website and the only skill that you need is writing or typing. By writing blogs one can make money initially about 10 – 30 USD in a month. You just need to work hard to grow the blog you can make a blog website free by using Blogger, a product by Google. And no need to purchase a domain if you don’t really need that, you can easily earn money without a custom domain. 

Simply make a simple website using and customize themes and make some pages after that start writing your posts, gradually you see that your website is gaining traffic and people loving seeing your posts, after that, you can apply for AdSense approval after Adsense approves your site you can show ads on your site. And earn money from those ads.

This method needs some hard work as well as very smart work. So you are eligible to write posts then you can obviously check this method out and apply it in your life.

2. Making Youtube Videos

Youtube is the great and best video-sharing platform nowadays. In youtube, every niche video is getting uploaded day by day. Youtube is a product of Google so this is also a trusted platform for earning money, the only skills you need to have are, a niche that you think you are an expert and can make videos for a long time, the second skill you need is, you have to be comfortable before the camera. Because you have to make videos, though if you don’t show your face then also you can make videos, again this is about what you want to make.

Though youtube has criteria of about 4000 hours of view and 1000 subscribers to start earning. But if you are conscious about earning and you chose a good niche then this is not so difficult. After the criteria have been fulfilled you can start earning by adding Adsense to your channel. So again this is a very good idea about earning money sitting at home.


3. Content Writing

Content writing is a good scope of earning money sitting at home in 2021. In this work you don’t need any other skill, only writing contents. There are lots of people who are looking for a person who can write content for their business or a blog. They will pay you if you can write blogs as they need. This is also a good earning source while sitting at home in India. 

They can pay money as you cannot think. If you are very highly skilled in writing content then you can approach large companies to hire you for writing. You can be a freelancer as well as you can do full-time jobs. 

This work generally rates by words, I meant that generally, you will be working as words like in India the unit is like PPW, PPW means paisa per word when you are a beginner you will get 10 – 25ppw works it means if you write an article in this rate then if you write 1000 words on that article then you will get Rs. 100 – 250. I think you can get an idea of how the rates are defined. You can also get higher rated works like 1RPW, RPW means Rupees Per Word. This is also very interesting and profitable work, but only you need to learn how to write articles. You can access free courses for that. 

4. Web development

If you are a tech person you are absolutely conscious about website development, right?

If not then let me give you a brief introduction about what web development means. 

If you notice that where you are reading this article right now is a website and this website was made by someone. It means what you see on this entire internet are only websites and apps though websites came far before coming apps. So there are lots of more websites on this internet than apps. These websites need to be developed. So those who develop websites are called web developers. So now you know what a web developer is so now let’s see how you can earn money from this.

There are lots of startup companies and bloggers who want to develop their websites by professionals and are ready to spend dozens of dollars on that. So you can get an opportunity for this if you know how to develop websites or it will also work if you know how to design websites. This has a very juicy market for developers. You just need to learn website development, this is not so hard if you are conscious about earning.

Now the question is where to find clients?

Well, let me answer your question. There are lots of websites where clients join to hire a freelancer to work for them. You can obviously join those websites for free to get work. Some of the websites are,, etc. you need to just register the websites and you will find works, you can apply each of them with a good and attractive proposal, and as soon as the publisher chooses you to work, you can start your earnings.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money faster and with this method, you can earn a very large amount of money per month but you need to work very wisely. This method can take time to receive the first amount, your first amount can be not that high but you will earn lots of money after when you get your first payment. This will gradually increase day by day as you work on that. For this method, you need to set up a website for affiliate marketing. 

At first, you need to set up a website, this can be any, blogger and WordPress. But WordPress is recommended as there are many templates and plugins that will help you make your website look like an e-commerce site as well as plugins to make your work at least 50% easier. After setting up your website you need to install a very wonderful theme to your site and if you are in WordPress then you can also install some plugins that can help you make your affiliate links visible to your users through the website. 

After this, you can visit some websites that have an affiliate program but if you want to get all affiliate websites on one website then visit This website has all affiliate website links in one place. Then you can start your business from here. You can also discover other websites that have this type of feature with your own.

6. Online Teaching

Teaching has been a good method for earning easily. We all had or have contributions from teachers in our life. You can also be a teacher if you have knowledge about any subject or field. If you are a developer then you can teach development and the student whom you are teaching will pay money to you on a monthly basis or any. There are many websites where you can teach students online with a trusted platform where you will get assured payment. 

There are lots of websites that provide these types of features, if you are interested and can work better, then you can work on those websites and earn money. One of those websites is This website provides those features that we discussed before.

You can just go to the website and register as a teacher and provide the details that it wants and you will be done. Then you can easily approach students who want to get your knowledge, and as soon as you get a student your earning will start from there. If you work on it on a daily basis then you can earn decent money from these websites by teaching.

7. Email Marketing & Software promotion

The score of email marketing is also very good. You can do email marketing and software promotion. You can find many software companies who are starting their business in software, you can promote their software on various platforms like youtube, your blog, by email marketing, etc. this can be also a very profitable approach to your earning at first you will not income money but as you get older in this field you will catch out all techniques to grow up and you will apply that all. Then you will start earning money with a decent amount. 

Many companies will approach you to promote their business and they will give you a great package for your work. This way you can also establish a business of your own and provide your services to the customers.

If you want to do email marketing then this will also work because these are now in the boom so you can start this and start earning money.


The conclusion is: if you are very serious about earning money then obviously you can do this works. This can be a little hard but if you succeed on this then you don’t need to look back in the future this will make your future full proof. These all methods are professional methods that every successful people use. 

There are many apps and websites from where you can earn money but that is not for the long term. And those methods are not the legal way. You should not use those methods to earn money as you can face problems in the future. 

The methods I provided you are an absolutely legitimate and legal way to earn money online if you use those methods to earn then you can do it for the long term and also make your future bright. 

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