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How to Learn Any Programming Language in a Short Time


This is a very often asked question about how to learn a new programming language in a short period. Well this has a short answer but also very complex for some ordinary people. Because This is a frequently asked question , I am making this post for this specific topic. 


So Let’s get into the agenda , So how to learn a new programming language :


There are two cases :


  1. You are absolutely new in this programming field.
  2. You know at least one programming language and you want to learn another.


So these two cases are common in many people and there are not any problems in that , But these two solutions are a bit different .


First Case:


In the first case you are absolutely new in this field . 

Time To Learn:


So you have to learn any of the languages in the market but it will take time , it depends on your understanding capacity. If your understanding capacity is high then you can proceed fast but if you are slow then you need time to understand it perfectly. While starting learning for the first time you need to learn many things. That can make you demotivated , but you have to be steady in learning. After you finish learning your first language.Now you are ready to proceed further. 


Which Language To Learn:


When you are first time in the field of programming you need to face a lot of problems like you have to choose the right language that makes you a programmer faster than other languages.You have to install the binaries, many dependencies and lot more complications will come around when you are first time in the field. 


You can use any language to learn the programming ,but it is recommended by every developer or colleges that you should start with the C Programming Language , but there is a fact that if you have short patience , then you are not recommended to start with the C Language because this language need a lot of time and because of this is a old language it is a quite hard for a developer when he/she is in the starting stage.

So if you have a short patience then you can start with other languages like Python or Javascript mostly recommended to learn Python because this is the most easiest language in the market nowadays. There is a huge community to resolve your errors while writing the code. So Python is the best if you are a short patience person or go for the C Language. 




Second Case:


So in this case you are aware of how to program in a programming language. Now if you are willing to learn a new language then first you need a crystal clear concept in any programming language. You definitely need to know what the Functions, Variables, DataTypes ,loops ,operators etc are and their work functions , because these things are a base of any language to learn , these things are always static and you will see these things in every Programming language. 


There are syntaxes for each language and this is a dynamic property of every language , This Syntax is changeable I mean For Each Language the Syntax will Be Different. So the syntax does not matter at all for making a base of programming . 


So to Learning a new Programming language basically you need to be clear in basics of any other language. If you are not then you need to clear it properly first.


Being A developer:


For being a developer you need to master any language in which you are developing the software and you need to have a strong logic building knowledge so that you can build softwares as fast as the other developers do.


You can Learn the Python Language because of its ease. And had a large community too.


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