how to start a blog in India for free A-to-Z full best guide for 2021

how to start a blog in India for free A-to-Z full best guide for 2021

Hi there, if you are also thinking to start a blog for free and earn money from that, then this article is for you. Read this article completely and you will be able to know how to do that perfectly. This is gonna be a full tutorial on how to start a blog in India for free, so let’s get started.

There are some periodical points that you must follow to make a free blog.

  • Search for your blog competition
  • Search a blog niche where you are interested
  • Create a blog on Blogger
  • Choose Blog name and subdomain on blogger
  • Customize your blog
  • Make necessary pages
  • Start posting your articles
  • Doing SEO

These are the points that we’ll see periodically, let me start.

Why Blog?

Why blog, this is a very good question. Before knowing why blog, we first need to know what blog exactly means. The blog is where you provide your knowledge to the world through your articles, in reward you will get high revenue. This is what blog means but nowadays blogging has manipulated into the business. So everyone wants to be a blogger, and there is no problem also. Now, why blog, as I said that blog is now business, and business has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages are if you can be a blogger for a long term then you will be famous among peoples and also you can earn lots of money. There are lots of other legitimate ways to earn money see all here: how to earn money without investment through mobile phone – legitimate approach

And the disadvantages are you have to invest in that, though it is not necessary, in this tutorial I am going to tell you that how to start a blog in India for free. And the second one is you have to work very hard in the initial state to grow your business. The blog provides a career that you can run for the long term. That’s why we prefer doing a blog.

Search your competitor

Competitor researching is the first step of your blogging career. Before you start your blog you have to know the competition about what you are going to provide to users. If you want to earn money from your blog then you have to provide unique content that is not on the internet as yours, so if the niche that you are going to start has already tons of competition then you definitely going to fail on that. So competitor research is quite an important thing. So this is a very important point of how to start a blog in India for free.

Time is the thing that never repeats so you shouldn’t waste time creating a blog and writing posts on that before searching your competitor. This can boost you in some initial days but this can be the greatest demotivation that can through you out of blogging and your time and effort will be wasted. So research for your competitor first.

Select your Niche

After you searched for your competitor, you can get high competition in the niche you were willing to create your blog. Then you have definitely to change your niche, if not then make sure you can provide more valuable content than the competitor. This is an essential point for the question of how to start a blog in India for free. You may change many niches while searching for the competitor after you have done with this. You need to select a niche where you can make posts for the long term.

Though you can start a multiniche blog, it can create an impact on your revenue. So you have to choose one niche perfect for you. Check out this for more earning techniques: how to earn money sitting at home in India – best ways 2021

Create your Blog on Blogger

There are many ways to create your blog there is WordPress, known as the best blogging platform for beginners and also experts. But you are finding the answer to the question of how to start a blog in India for free. But the other platforms are highly paid so in this article we will only go for the Blogger because it is absolutely free. So first, in your browser, you have to open a link but before that, you need to sign in with your email where you want to make your blog. After signing in you simply need to go to

Fill in the details on Blogger

After visiting, simply click the button CREATE YOUR BLOG. This will create your blog on blogger then you will be asked for the email account that you want to make the blog. Just click the email where you want to create after that you will be asked to assign a title. Then you need to create a subdomain with a .blogspot extension after that, you can proceed to customize the website, though the blogger has very less options for customization. But assigning a subdomain and title is most essential for your blog because it is a vital point of how to start a blog in India for free.

Customize the Blog

Now, customization is very necessary because when a user will visit your website he will first see the interface of your website and if you can make it as he was accepting and also your contents are valuable then the user will return again and again. So the overall website customization is very effective. To customize your site there are plenty of options first on the left sidebar there you can see the theme option, you can set any theme out of them as your website suits.

I hope you are getting the answer to the question of how to start a blog in India for free. If yes then let me know in the comments. There is another option for customization. On that sidebar, you can see the layout option, with that option you can change and manipulate the layouts of the site. So you can customize yourself….

Make Necessary Pages

If you are willing to earn money form your blog then it is very necessary to integrate Adsense to your site and to integrate it you have to make the essential pages to get approved by Adsense. The necessary pages are Privacy policy, Disclaimer, About Us, and Contact Us. without these pages adsense would not approve you. So make sure you have made these pages correctly. To make pages you need to click on pages and then on the top you will see add pages button from there you can make pages.

Start Posts

The main thing is content. Without content you cannot earn a single dollar. So, now you can start posting your articles with valuable contents. Do not copy from anywhere, write it yourself so that you will never face any problem when you earn. So make sure that you are posting articles frequently and be consistence. This the the second last point to the answer for the question how to start a blog in India for free. After this only one step left let’s discuss on that.

Doing SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization this is such a thing that you can rank on google and gain traffic on your website. For more advanced details check out this post: best-advanced seo optimization to rank your site 2021. If you want to earn unlimited money then you need definitely to do the SEO on your site. This is the last point of how to start a blog in India for free. So, hope this article helps you and you are now able to do these things.

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