How to successfully install and Configure in android 2021

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  We’re back with a new… new article on how to install and configure in android. This is the latest and tested method on Redmi note 10, Redmi 5A, Redmi Y1. So without further delay let’s get started. 

Before installing first we have to get some configuration details.

Create Portmap Configuration and Mapping rules

  1. So first of all you need to go to, if you have any account created then login instead register.
install and configure in android

Fill out the forms, check the terms and conditions and solve the captcha then hit the register button to register. Then simply follow the instructions onwards.

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  1. After Registration, Login to your account and then you will be redirected to the dashboard page. 
  1. Now Click the Configurations option on the navigation bar.
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Then on the Configuration page, you can create one configuration in the free version, if you want to make multiple configurations, install and configure in android more than one then you need to purchase their subscription plans.

  1. Now Click on the Create new Configuration Button to create a new configuration.
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  1. Now in this page, fill out all the options to successfully install and configure in android.

Set your configuration Name as your own.

Set your Type as OpenVpn if you are going to forward port like me.

Set your Proto as TCP.

Then hit Generate.

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Now you will see a page like below.

Now first you have to download the .ovpn file, which we’ll use later. 

And then click the option mapping rule.

  1. In this mapping rules page. Click on the Create new Rule Button as previously in the configuration page.
  1. Now on this page everything will be filled out already.

You can change the hostname if necessary

You can change to if you want

You can change Port on

You have to set the port on your PC (e.g. 22222 in my case)

After that Hit create and your mapping rule will be created. 

So you are now Done install and configure in android and the configurations and mapping rules of, now you are ready to install the configurations of various systems such as Android, Windows, Linux, Mac

Here we’ll only discuss how to install portmap on android, other systems will come soon…

Now we are going to install it on Android, now let’s get started with that.

Install OpenVpn on android

To configure on android you need to install OpenVpn App on your Android device from PlayStore. 

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Now open the app and follow the steps:

Step #1: click on the File option at the top.

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Step #2: choose the .ovpn file which was downloaded before.

Step #3: Click on import.

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Step #4: Now click on the add button to add the configuration File.

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Step #5: To connect to portmap click the button shown below.

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Now you are all set to use to forward any port.

I hope you guys understand how to install and configure in android, if any question araises in your mind, comment me below and I will definitely answer those ASAP. If you find anything useful then consider buying me a coffee.

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