how to install Tencent gaming buddy on 2GB ram pc in 2021

how to install Tencent gaming buddy on 2GB ram pc in 2021

Basically, gaming is a very extensive task, too many processes happen when only you play a game. The value can be more when you play graphics extensive games like PUBG. when you play a very heavy game as well which is consuming high graphics, then almost every phone and PC with low specifications cannot take and will crash. When it comes to PUBG mobile it is ok to play it on mobile phones like with at least 3 GB of ram and a decent processor. But in PCs, it comes very complexly, as PCs have cores to process arithmetic tasks and low graphics if not provided any dedicated graphics card.

It is next to impossible to play high-end and mid-end games on the low specifications PC, when it comes to PUBG mobile the full process is not only on the game but also in the emulator that is running the game, the meaning is: if you play PUBG mobile on your PC then the whole CPU will not work only to run the game but also to run the emulator because you are using the emulator to play the game. This is impossible to handle this two heavy software in a single time for your low specification PC in 2021.

In 2021 all heavy software is difficult to operate in a low specification PC because this software takes too much memory power. In the case of Tencent gaming buddy on a 2GB ram pc is near to impossible. Tencent gaming buddy has many mobile games but the main game is PUBG for this most people downloads this. If you want to run Tencent gaming buddy on a 2GB ram pc in 2021, then there is the most chance get to crash.

Solution: The solution is simple, the rate of computer components is exponentially decreasing day by day, you can take this opportunity and upgrade your PC. If you have 2GB of ram on your PC then simply upgrade it to 4GB. And take a Graphics card of low cost you can also buy second hand if it is in a good situation.

If you do so then you can easily play games like PUBG on your PC lag-free. So this was the process of installing Tencent gaming buddy on 2GB ram pc in 2021: by upgrading your PC a little bit.

So that’s it for this tutorial, see you in another post.

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