Powerful android Development Setup for 2021

Powerful android development Setup



For developing Android we need a few things , The first thing is the mindset for developing android apps . Everyone uses android apps but developing has been a quite hard task for developers also. When a developer is learning Android development he has to face a lot of problems like he has to learn java and also has a bit experience in XML , while learning they have to learn about the attributes of android design XML. And also the Java Libraries. Making large methods and oops are quite confusing for every developer while in the learning stage.


After passing all these queries , now you aren’t going to call an android developer. There are some other things which you have to know before you join a company as an android developer. 


Which is bug fixing, installing Software Development Kit (SDK) and Java Development Kit(JDK) you need to know all these things for being an ideal Android Developer. 


In this tutorial we will talk about all these things.


Java Development Kit(JDK):


Java Development Kit or JDK is the vital software not only for developing Android but also other things like making desktop GUI , applications and other applications. JDK is nothing but installing java in our machine. Android is mainly made in java so java is the root of android and android apps. We definitely need the java for developing android apps. 


Software Development Kit(SDK):


Software Development Kit or SDK is a software from google.Which provides you built-in libraries for making android apps. It is necessary for installing SDK to develop android apps. Because android apps need all those classes to work. 

You can check out all SDK releases on their official website.


There are many platforms for creating android apps like Hybrid android apps, native apps, cross-platform apps. Mostly the native apps are used in the market. For creating native apps there is a famous platform from google named as Android Studio. If you install Android Studio then no need to install SDK separately it will automatically install the SDK in your machine.


Now you are set making a development environment in your machine. Now you will be able to create beautiful and useful apps using android studio. It’s gonna be Native apps , Native apps are only used to develop apps for only a particular device.
The android studio is able to make apps for only Android devices.


There are some system requirements for installing the android studio on your computer. To check the requirements go https://developer.android.com/studio and scroll down to the bottom and there you will find the system requirements for each operating system.


Assuming that you have installed the android studio in your computer , now you have to open the android studio and there you will find many templates for mobile , tablets and other devices.


Android Studio



You should choose the empty template if you are a beginner in android development. After choosing now you are going to develop your actual app. Now you need the knowledge of your XML designing and  your java knowledge. 


There you have to face a lot of problems while developing , but you can resolve that all by visiting android studio documentation web page and other websites. Because of the large community you will not face any problem to resolve your error .

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