How to remove plagiarism from copy-pasted content great in 2021

If you are here and reading this article then either you already copy-pasted any article and getting plagiarized or you are thinking to do so, right?

So, the question is, how to remove plagiarism from copy-pasted content. Let’s get into the article and discuss about the solutions about this critical issue.

Well, writing an article is a quite hard and time-consuming task, we appreciate this that’s why everyone wants articles to be written as quickly as possible with less effort, right?

If you are one of them then read this article completely and I will meet you at the end of this article with all the information about this. So there are two possibilities: firstly you are a blogger and secondly you are a student and your project submission DeadLine is after 3 hours or something short like that.

I will divide the whole thing into two parts: the first one is who are bloggers and want to remove the plagiarism from their articles, and second if you are a student and want plagiarism-free content. So without any further delay let’s dive into the solution.

You can go to the section from the Table of Content box according to what you wanted or you can read the full article.

Remove Plagiarism from blogger’s copy-pasted content:

how to remove plagiarism from copy-pasted content

If You are a blogger or if you want to start a blog then read out this article: how to start a blog in India for free A-to-Z full best guide for 2021, you want to copy-paste articles as well as plagiarism-free, I don’t think it is such a hard task. There are thousands of online tools that can check plagiarism. They only check the sequences of the articles or the sentences if they are matching exactly then they flag the content as plagiarized content.

So the simple solution is if you change the sequences of each sentence then it is possible to remove plagiarism from copy-pasted content. Only what you have to do is, change most of the words with their synonyms so that the online tools cannot find the similarity between the sentences then it will just remove the plagiarism from the content

The second method is you can rewrite the article, there are many online tools that are used to rewrite articles so the plagiarism will be removed but there is a condition, you have to use fresh content to rewrite, what do I mean? 

Well, I mean if you are using an online tool to rewrite the article then you have to copy the content that is uploaded today or tomorrow or maybe before 1h because there are more chances that another person is already rewriting the article with the same tool and published it to their websites. 

Remove Plagiarism from student’s copy-pasted content:

how to remove plagiarism from copy-pasted content

For students who are willing to do this, is slighter different than bloggers. Where bloggers can rewrite the article but students cannot because it breaks the simplicity of the article, and gets slightly difficult to read that’s why it is not recommended method for students.

Then what they can do?

Well, the method is slightly hard but not impossible, you can replace the words with their synonyms so the article will be different to read and this will remove the plagiarism. If some tools still throwing plagiarism error then simply do another thing that is: 

Change the sentences with your own made sentences, I mean you can take the idea about what you are going to write then write it yourself then it will be fine and absolutely non-plagiarized content. 

If you still just want to copy-paste then you can use a rewriter tool and get the desired output. I am quoting one of the rewriting tools by searching on google. If you want then you can use it.


The conclusion is that there are lots of methods to remove plagiarism from copy-pasted content. The best of them are discussed in the article. You can easily apply it to your work and get the desired result. So if you find this article helpful then consider joining our social groups and keep the reminder on so that you will get notified of every new article.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions related to anything then comment to me and I will definitely make an article. So Bye-Bye…

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