best advanced seo optimization to rank your site 2021

SEO optimization to rank your site

Today we are going to see about seo optimization to rank your site. so let’s get started.

When you make a website, your aim is to gain traffic as much as possible in your website. Right?

Well, everyone used to think the same. But there’s a problem with this. The problem is that if you want more traffic then you definitely need to reach the person who needs your content. To do this there are way more techniques available. One of them is creating a fan base on social media. But there are limitations, you cannot refer thousands of people to your website. So what’s the solution then?

Traffic getting Solutions

Well, the solution is ranking on google, there are billions of people searching for their need on google, but wait! This is not final. This thing is more complex than it seems. To get traffics through Google searches you need to rank on Google on the top positions because users only visit the sites that are ranked on top positions on Google, by top positions I wanted to mean the top 3 positions on a search keyword.

Overview of ranking on Google

There are according to google there are 4.45 billion websites on google at the present time, the number will increase day by day. Now you can get an idea about how hard is to rank on google for a new website or even for an old one. But this is not impossible. The method is to rank on Google is SEO(Search Engine Optimization). This is the only way, doing seo optimization to rank your site is not an easy process.

SEO optimization

This field is not a small field, seo optimization to rank your site is a very vast topic to cover in one article. There are many types of SEO optimization. One of them is on-page SEO, in on-page SEO we optimize the page for google’s criteria for an ideal website.

There are many more SEO rules to be optimized for better ranking on google. There are also off-page seo. These all are techniques of seo optimization to rank your site on a higher position on google.

Scope of SEO optimization

There is a huge scope of SEO optimization. Every company needs SEO optimization experts to do SEO optimizations on their pages so that their pages will be ranking on Google. Without SEO no website can expand its business on the internet. And because this process is highly dynamic so the companies used to hire employees of these skills from time to time. Instead of ranking your site, you can also get highly paid jobs on many respected companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and many other MNC and e-commerce companies.


Every website you see on google are all have done SEO optimization, you should also use seo optimization to rank your site on google’s higher positions like the top 3 positions. This the most useful method unlike using others like social media and other famous websites to gain traffic. The visitors that come from direct search results called organic traffic.

This organic will not only be the method of earning but it can also be a reason of getting famous among public. So you should obviously do the seo optimization to rank your website.

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