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If you are an advertiser then we have a piece of good news for you that our website has sponsorship programs that will display your ads all over our website so that your purchase will be generated. for more info read the full article.

Why Choose Us?

Why will you choose us? well, because we’re providing the best sales for you because we don’t manipulate our visitors to visit our site, 40% of our users are from google and other search engines through organic search.

Our site may be quite new and our authority score is very low but we do have very trusted and unique users from where one can generate sales with less effort.


Easily you can see that 43.6% of our users are from organic search. this is because our posts rank on Google’s top positions. Other 30.3% are from social and 22.2% are from direct.

The Benefits to Sponsor with Us

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If you are sponsoring with us then this factor is very important that what you will get in return.

well, as I said before that we have a low user base but we are very conscious about our sponsors. we will be displaying your banner on our website for two months initially, if you want then it can be extended based on your investment.

Our Goals for You

If you are trusting us and sponsoring then we have also some goals for you, we’ll try to reach these goals.

We are mainly focusing on startup companies, who can afford to get sponsorship in our platforms.

For Startup Companies

  • Our website is a good platform for branding your products.
  • Perfect place to generate sales, for your best products.
  • The very affordable price range for every company.

For Large Companies

  • Very low price range. So many and long time period displaying is available.
  • Best for Branding the business.
  • Best for Creating Trust to Users.


Pricing is the most attractive part of this sponsorship. We charge a very low amount from you to display sponsored ads on our website. The Pricing is below:

  • $30 per 2 months to display ads on the top slider bar all over the website.
  • $20 per month to display 1 in article ads all over the website.
  • $60 Combo Pack. Display slider and two in-article ads. Exclusive!!!!

If you have any problem including prices and any other queries then Definitely WhatsApp me on +91 9641321456 we’re always loving to hear from you.

Updated on: 22 May, 2021

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