which are the three most required parts of a text ad – best in 2021?

Optimization of ads is very necessary to extend any business or organization, so we need to know which are the three most required parts of a text ad and all about this. you can

So here I am going to tell you about some important points and their detailed description. So let’s dive into the article.

The three most required parts of a text ad are:

  1. Headline Text
  2. Display Url
  3. Description Text
which are the three most required parts of a text ad

Surely You have seen this type of ad after searching some queries on Google, these ads are called text ads.

Headline Text

You can see there is a blue-colored Title that is the Headline Text. This text should be very attractive and not too long so that a user who is searching for a particular product or a post will reach out to the article easily.

This Headline Text will define that the user will click on your link or not because if that Headline is not accurate to the query that the user searched then the user will omit your link and will check the other ones.

That’s why everyone mainly focuses on this Headline Text. The Headline Text should be under 5 to 14 words, this will increase the visibility of the ad.

Display Url

The second thing that a user checks are the URL of the ad, that’s why if you aren’t using a relevant URL then it has the most chances that the user will ignore your link. 

So it is very necessary to make your Display Url very relevant to the query, this will increase the clickability of the ad.

Description Text

Description Text is also a very important point, the user needs to know what service you are going to provide. This is basically the extracted text of your service. 

Google shows a short description of the service. You can customize it through the Description Text section. You should create an attractive and clear Description Text. 

This matters a lot, though not more than the Headline Text and the Display Url, this should be optimized to the SEO too. If you don’t know how to do SEO then read out this article: How to remove plagiarism from copy-pasted content great in 2021


The conclusion is, we create ads to display the users who need that service, so we need to make the ad from the user’s point of view. 

You can improve your ad Headline, URL, and Description according to the user’s need, then only your ad will succeed to catch the attention of users towards your service.

If you want to read more about this then go here: Text Ads

I am ending this article here if you think something is missing here then you can comment to me. 

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