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What is CIF number, where to find out mine?


What is CIF number, this question is one of the most asked questions on the internet. So if you are also one of them finding your CIF number then this article will help answer your question. So

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What is CIF number?


The full form of the CIF number is the Customer Information File number, which means this is a file that contains the full information of a customer including his/her personal details and account details. Every customer who has a bank account must know this because sometimes it gets very essential in some cases, so being conscious of this CIF number can save lots of effort. Every customer has their own and unique CIF number.


Where you need your CIF number?


If you are a tech person or if you do online shopping via Net-Banking then obviously you heard about the CIF number, right?.


Well, this is such an essential number like an account number, but we don’t need this everywhere it doesn’t mean that it is valueless. Without this, you cannot do online transactions between two banks, because the other bank will not accept your transaction request until you are providing the CIF number to the other bank. You must need this number at least once in your entire life unless you didn’t born in the 90s.


Where to find out mine?


To get the CIF number you must have an account at any bank in India because we are only talking about Indian banks here. So there are many ways to find out your CIF number.


Offline Finding


To find offline you need to have your passbook, provided by your bank while opening your account. There you will get a section called CIF number if you have an SBI bank account but if you have another bank account then you can find it as other names like CRN or Customer number. These all are the same but have different names in different banks.

If you have an SBI bank account then you can find your CIF number like below picture

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Online Finding


If you have an online account in your registered bank then you can go to their official websites and login into your dashboard and then you can find the CIF number along with other details on the account information tab. Below are some official websites of some popular banks all over India, one can go to the links and find their information after logging in.



If you find your registered bank in the above list then you can directly click on the link and proceed to the official websites of the banks. If you didn’t find it here then type your bank name on google and carefully check your bank’s logo and other pages like privacy policy and other details so that you can make yourself confident about the website.


NOTE: There can be other websites that can exactly look like the official website of your bank, but you have to proceed wisely to prevent yourself attacked by fraudsters.


Offline Finding (By call)


If you are unable to find your CIF number in your passbook then you can call the Toll-free number of your bank, below are some bank’s Toll-free numbers listed. If you can find your bank here then you can directly call them or you can google it to find numbers. In the call, you must ask to know your CIF number, then the executive officer may fetch your bank details like bank account number, account holder name, and other details, you just need to provide them and they will tell you your CIF number, you can note it anywhere for future.



  • Axis Bank of India:      1-860-419-5555, 1-860-500-5555
  • Bank of Baroda:           1800 258 44 55, 1800 102 44 55
  • Bank of India:               1800 220 229, 1800 103 1906
  • Bank of Maharashtra: 1800-233-4526, 1800-102-2636
  • Central Bank of India: 1800-110-001, 1800-180-1111
  • HDFC Bank:                  022-6160 6161
  • ICICI Bank:                    1860 120 7777
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank https://www.creditmantri.com/kotak-mahindra-bank-customer-care/
  • State Bank of India:     1800 11 2211, 1800 425 3800
  • Union Bank:                   1800 22 22 44, 1800 208 2244

For other banks, Toll-free numbers goto this link here.


Offline Finding( By visit)


The last method to get your CIF number is you can visit your bank from where you registered your account. You can ask any employee about your CIF number they will ask for some details about your account and personal, as soon as you provide them all, they will tell you your CIF number, just note it for the future.


Note: Don’t get trapped in fraudsters, be wise, take action by intelligence, and be conscious.

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